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MJent  is proud to say that through years of experience, we’ve  acquired the knowledge and expertise to create, shape and develop your ideas into a beautifully crafted design. We stand behind our work through dedicated and caring customer support as well as communicate with you over the course of the project. Web Design,graphics and more are what we put together in order to make your content phenomenal. 


It is the relationship between us and our customers that speaks the loudest. The quality of our work and our commitment to create the graphics of your dreams is what drives our business. Whether your idea is for a house you’re selling, a wedding invitation, a huge board meeting or a rendering for a television show, MJent has completed projects for all types of clients and businesses. MJent media has multiple graphic designers, digital retouchers as well as layout specialists to help you get your flyer, brochure, pamphlet, press kit or portfolio book looking as professional as possible. 

Paving the way…

At MJent we are on the cutting edge and always following up with the latest software plug-ins, trends in color, typography, print architecture and production methods. MJent also offers consulting for web design applications as well as offers SEO & social media reputation management

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Business Logos


Corporate Presentations

Real Estate Ads

Real Estate Ads











Press Kits

Print Media

Print Media

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Fraud Proof Certificates

SEO & Social Media Design

SEO & Social Media Design


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