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Professional DJ, Music Producer and Audio Expert

Professional DJ, Music Producer and Audio Expert

Pro DJ, Mike Strip is a Music Producer, and Audio Expert. This is the website of Mike Strip. All content on this website is property of Mike Strip. Copyright 2016 © For music licensing information please refer to the “Contact” page for more information.


Pro DJ

If you are looking for a professional dj that is entirely mobile, you have come to the right place. Mike Strip has performed across the United States at various special events, festivals and weddings. His setup includes all types of equipment from lasers, gobos to projectors and screens. He has also produced almost 100 songs for network TV and film. In 2015 he made his first publication in a scientific journal on the “Threshold of Hearing.”

In addition to this he also runs a recording studio located in Los Angeles, California. At his full service recording studio he specializes in music mixing and mastering. For several years he has recorded instrumentalists, vocalists as well as readers for many audio applications. In his studio he has a custom built vocal booth. This vocal booth is the quietest booth possible having zero background noise. All equipment used in his studio is of the best quality. Whether its for a band you are in, a book on tape, a demo track, or are looking to launch your solo career, Mike has the knowledge, tools and expertise to get you to your goal. No project is too large or small. Furthermore Mike Strip also does private lessons for audio mixing and DJing. If you live far away from Los Angeles, California; consultations or private lessons via Skype are also available. At the latest an individual will get back to you within one business day. Most of all, thank you for visiting Pro DJ Mike Strip’s website. In conclusion, for further inquiries or studio time please contact: